I took my first yoga class in Argentina where I was born and grew up, more than 15 years ago. 

I initially fell in love with Ashtanga 

style but life, many injuries and my nomad lifestyle made me interrupt my practice many times. 

Tome mi primera clase de Yoga hace mas de 15 anos en Argentina, donde naci y creci. Inicialmente me enamore del Ashtanga yoga, pero varias lesiones y mi estilo de vida nomade, me hicieron interrumpir mi practica en varias oportunidades.

I always felt philosophy as my true passion and even if I finished my studies in Argentina of marketing and business management, I always continued studying philosophy, history and alternative health therapies on my own. 

I returned to the mat once I moved to Spain for few years and again work, many travels and then my first newborn, were priority, so I left the mat for a while, at least my practice was not that committed.


Siempre he mantenido una gran pasion por la Filosofia. Incluso habiendo concluido mis estudios de marketing en Argentina, mi estudio filosofico se mantuvo de forma paralela. Retome mi practica una vez instalada en Madrid, Espana.Pero solo por poco tiempo. De nuevo, el trabajo, viajes y el naciemiento de mi primera hija ayudaron a que mi practica no fuera tan comprometida.

Lving in China, a friend made me step back into the mat, but this time my practice gained a different depth. At the beginning I had no intention to teach, I wasn’t able to give too much since I needed to heal myself more. But few years later I started to question my career that was totally against to what I had deeply and truly believed my whole life. This time I could see it clearly, and suddenly everything finally made sense to me, I wanted to share with others what Yoga gave to me and helped me in so many different ways along my life. So I took my first yoga teacher training at YogaWorks in 2017 and got my 200 Certification by Yoga Alliance. Finally I had a voice and I was ready to share my passion with everyone interested in Yoga.

Una vez viviendo en China, una amiga me empujo a retomar la practica. Esta vez, adquiriria una profundidad totalmente diferente. Al principio no tenia intencion de dar clases, no me sentia capaz de dar demasiado. Sentia que necesitaba sanar por dentro primero, y esa era mi prioridad. Sin embargo, varios anos despues, comence a cuestionarme sobre mi profesion, sobre todo porque iba en contra de todo lo que habia creido durante toda mi vida. Esta vez podia verlo claramente. Finalmente todo tenia sentido. Queria compartir con otros aquello que el Yoga habia aportado a mi vida. Entonces decidi realizar mis 200 Hs YTTC con Yogaworks. Al fin sentia que tenia una voz para transmitir mi pasion a toda persona interesada en escuchar.

I consider that there is no evolution possible inside our comfort zone so playing on the edge (but not further) is necessary to past our perceived physical and mental limits and allow transformation to take place. 

Yoga has given me the tools to face life challenges and old patterns and see them clearly in order to grow every day.

I believe that each body is different, so Yoga will be experienced in a different way by each person and I always encourage my students to honour their uniqueness with compassion.

Our actual world so standardised “image” focused, make people to think that Yoga is something that should look in a certain way but actually is something felt individually. I hope that my students can look beyond the physical and use their whole practice of yoga to deepen the connection with one’s true self. 

Because I had so many injuries during my life due to push too far my Yoga practice, my classes are Vinyasa Flow style with a special care of good alignment and proper sequencing in order to keep safety as a constant. It is said that injuries are our best teachers but I personally don’t recommend that path...although I learnt from them most of all to be more humble and compassionate with myself.

While I have studied with many Yoga teachers throughout Argentina, Spain, Thailand, USA, China and Australia, I consider that my two daughters have taught me more about myself than anything. 

Considero que no hay evolucion posible dentro de nuestra zona de comfort. Conocer nuestros limites y limitaciones es necesario para dar paso a una verdadera transformacion personal. El Yoga me ha dado las herramientas para enfrentar la vida, cambiar viejos patrones y crecer dia a dia. Considero que cada cuerpo es unico y diferente, con  lo cual el Yoga solo puede ser experiementado individualmente. Siempre aliento a mis alumnos a honrar su individualidad con autocompasion. En un mundo actual tan estandarizado en cuanto a imagen, hace que la gente crea que el Yoga es algo que debe lucir o sentirse de un determinado modo, cuando en realidad se trata de una experiencia totalmente personal y unica. Deseo que mis estudiantes puedan ver mas alla de lo fisico y utilicen su practica para profundizar su coneccion con su verdadero Ser. He sufrido varias lesiones durante mis anos de practica, debido a la ambicion de querer llevar todo mas alla de mis limites. Es por eso que mis clases son Vinyasa Flow con un especial foco en el correcto alineamiento del cuerpo para partir de bases saludables y seguras y mantener la practica fisica a lo largo del tiempo sin hacernos dano. Dicen que las lesiones son nuestros mayores maestros. Es cierto, pero personalmente no recomiendo tomar este camino. He estudiado con muchos profesores, sin embargo considero que nadie me ha ensenado mas sobre mi misma que mis dos hijas.



2000-2004 : Licenciatura en Comercializacion (Business and Marketing degree) UADE - Buenos Aires -  Argentina

2017- 200hrs TTC YogaWorks

2018- Feb: 15 hrs Online Yoga Shred teacher training (HIIT)

May:15 hrs certification in anatomy, physiology and bodymechanics in Yoga with Eric Yue at The Clinic- Shanghai

 June: 15 hrs certification in Fascia System and its applications to Yoga with Pablo Alvarez at The Clinic - Shanghai

August to November : 120hrs Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga at Yoga synergy Australia with Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss 

October 2018 to July 2019: 500 hrs TTC at Escuela International de Yoga, Madrid, España 

December: workshop with Thomas Myers training of the fascia system- Beijing

March-June 2019: 50hrs Ayurveda Masaje y terapias- Escuela Internacional de Yoga Madrid

April-July 2019: 50hrs Yoga Restaurativo-   Escuela internacional de yoga - Madrid

2019: AEYT FisiomYoga Espana, certificado en profesor de FisiomYoga (Yoga unido a la fisioterapia y Osteopatia) - Madrid

2019-2022: 800 HRs Yoga Therapyst Certification C-IAYT - The Yoga Therapy Institute - Amsterdam  (in training)


-September 2017 to January 2018: Tera Gym Beijing

-October 2017 to June 2017: Kamal Yoga full time teacher -  Beijing - China

-September 2017 to June 2019 : Rosewood Hotels private classes  - Beijing - China

- September 2017 to June 2019: Four Seasons Hotel Private Classes - Beijing - China

- September 2017 to present : Private classes  - Beijing -  China

- May 5th: Yoga for Parents at Italian School Beijing for sport day 

- June 2018 to September 2018: group classes at Yoga Plus Studio - Beijing - China

- March 2018 to present: Yoga and meditation English scripts creation for KEEP app China for their English app launch, and their corresponding actualisations. 

- August 2018 to present: Daily Yoga guest teacher for their 200 YTTC - Beijing - China

- September 2018- June 2019: Yoga classes for BCIS teachers  (Beijing City International School)- Beijing - China

- September - November 2018: Yoga classes for Daystar/Ivy academy teachers - Beijing - China

- September 2018: Yoga every Monday morning at RAMO - Beijing - China

- October 2018- May 2019: yoga classes for BSB (British school of Beijing) teachers 

- November 2018- June 2019: yoga for BSB parents 

-May 4th 2019: Yoga for parents of the Italian School at Beijing (sports day)

- Particular Classes (Madrid -  Spain) 

-Febrero 2020 - Actualidad : El Gong Club de Yoga CC la Moraleja, Madrid. Clases de Yoga grupales.